18 May 2016, with Rasheed Araeen

The other story002_Araeen 2

Rasheed Araeen, ‘Chakras’ 1969–70, 16 waterdiscs (floor) with 16 photographs of St Katherine’s Dock, London (wall) – as photographed in ‘The Other Story’ at the Hayward Gallery 1989–90 by Vijay Dhir for Tess Nowell, AV Librarian at Central Saint Martins



Artist Rasheed Araeen was the curator of ‘The Other Story’ and proved an eloquent and generous interlocutor on the subject of the exhibition. Annotating and amplifying his personal archive, as partially available online care of Asia Art Archive, he discussed his own art practice, the curatorial challenges of the Hayward exhibition and ongoing institutional racism within the British art establishment.

I was struck by the flurry of spontaneous positive feedback that this session generated, with students and staff alike keen to say how productive they had found it.


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2 Responses to 18 May 2016, with Rasheed Araeen

  1. Rose Thompson says:

    Thank you for inviting Rasheed to speak, he is so passionate and I felt very moved hearing him talk. I also started thinking about how his work ‘Chakras’ is a lot like this project: the connected circles representing the exhibition as a whole as exhibited in ’89 and the photographs of the circles on water, separated, are representative of the repercussions / fragments of the exhibition externally, as thrown out into the world by Rasheed.

  2. Lucy Steeds says:

    Hey, thanks Rose. You inspire me to share an image of that work in ‘The Other Story’. I’ll see if I can upload one now…

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