11 May 2016, with Dorian Fraser-Moore

11 May 2016_2

This time we were joined by Dorian Fraser-Moore, designer and technologist who runs The Useful Arts agency (www.theusefularts.org). Currently developing the microsite dedicated to ‘The Other Story’, he shared his progress with us. I opened the session by presenting some existing exhibition-related websites that I’m familiar with – e.g. projects.vanartgallery.bc.ca/955000/ and magiciensdelaterre.fr – and it was great to discuss the diverse sites that participants brought to the session for comparison.

Again we were happily an eclectic group, attracting students from outside Central Saint Martins and beyond art-specific fields of enquiry. We benefited from the input of Elaine Lin, Digital Collection Coordinator for Asia Art Archive who was visiting from Hong Kong and Tom Scutt, Digital Manager at the Paul Mellon Centre, who sent some great links to other sites for further comparison. I particularly appreciated his directing me to the Living Collections Catalogue produced by the Walker Art Centre, but I must admit this is partly at the level of content. My personal challenge is to learn from those sites that are effective in more remote fields: e.g. how to install audio tours of ‘The Other Story’ that make the most of digital capabilities while echoing something of the productive experience of wandering a an exhibition with someone talking to you about the art on display?

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